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How to monitor router stats over time? I have a noisy line


How to monitor router stats over time? I have a noisy line

Hi guys,

I keep losing my internet connection, nothing to do with my router but a problem on my line.

The downstream noise margin ususally hovers around 22dB. Occasionally it drops, sometime just a few dB sometimes right down to a negative value.

If the noise margin goes negative the router loses sync and the green light goes out. At this point the router then re-establishes a connection and I can continue as normal.

If the noise margin goes below about 8dB I lose connection with plusnet, the gateway and DNS servers dissapear from the router status page and I have to reboot to re-establish the connection, it won't automatically re-connect

The downstream noise margin is the only figure that is varying, upstream noise margin and line attenuation remain stable.

Obviously I have reported this to plusnet. They have done line tests and at the instant they test the line everything is fine - no fault found.

So here is the question. How do I interogate the router automatically. What I would llike to be able to do is somehow automatically input the up and down stream noise margins and line attenuations into an excel spread sheet. Then produce a plot of noise against time for the noise margins and attenuations so that I can go back to plusnet and demonstrate I have an intermittant problem with my line. I am having to reboot the router four or five times a day, so the problem is very intermittant.

Now I have no idea how to do this. How would I interogate the router, how would I write a script to put the figures into a spread sheet.

At the moment the faultis intermittant, on an instantaneous test the chances are everything will be OK. I need to demonstrate that the problem varies with time. Most of the time the upstream noise margin is sufficent to maintain a connection but it does vary with time.

I need to produce a plot to take back to customer support but I don't know how to do it. Can anyone help, I don't want to call out BT and risk the £55 charge until I have some evidence. The chances are at the time the engineer visits everything will be OK.
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How to monitor router stats over time? I have a noisy line

I'd be amazed if you could do that with your router - and at the end of it it's still only your word that the figures are right.

If you have a real fault, then I'd get Plusnet to ask BT to sort it out rather than mess about for weeks on end trying to prove an intermittent fault.

The BT charge is a threat they use to stop people wasting their time when the fault is with the customer or his equipment, and I can't see BT penalising you for a genuine fault, even if it takes them some time to identify it.
Besides, their testing procedures are a little bit more thorough than Plusnet's and they'll have more idea where to look for the fault.