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How to find out connection usage


How to find out connection usage

Is there a way to find out my connection usage, like the amount of data in and out. I click on "view usage" But I get a no usage as yet message and something about pay as you go. I am on 2MB Home worker Pro. Cheers.

How to find out connection usage

There is no "view my usage" for DSL.

There are many programmes available to monitor network (DSL) activity, such as Netmon.

However, as DSL has no trafffic limit, I don't see the point.

How to find out connection usage

OK cheers, Just thought there was and i could not find it.

How to find out connection usage

Download this,

It provides detailed graphes of incoming and outgoing traffic, with monthly stats of the volume of data in both directions. Best of all it's free. Cheesy
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How to find out connection usage

You can also make use of the webstats.
This will tell you details of all the traffic from people visiting your pages.

There is no limit on traffic through the Plusnet system. Only on traffic from any webpages you may have on your own webspace.

connection usage

tried the analogX s/w but it doesn't do what I want. Can anyone suggest something that will:

Keep a count of all data volume transferred (sent & received) by:
day, week, month, year (by time period and overall cumulative)
individual user account & all accounts (I use XP Home)
runs automatically in the background for all user accounts
can be accessed only from an admin user account
display the count as figures and as a graph, with .csv export

and doesn't install spy/mal ware!

don't want much do I?