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How to contact BT, will plus help?


How to contact BT, will plus help?

I've been wanting to get 1meg or better for some time now, however on the BT speedchecker it says my likes only 512 compatable. Then some drible like this:

Our initial test on your line indicates that you may be able to have Broadband from BT with speeds up to 512Kb, which is up to 10 times faster than dial-up. At the moment, your telephone line is unable to support our 2Mb speed broadband package. Also, due to the length of your line, an engineer visit may be required to set up your broadband service.

Order Broadband from BT online and get a FREE modem saving you a £25 charge which applies if you order by phone.

Note: If you have an ISDN or Home Highway service connected to this number and you wish to purchase Broadband ADSL, this can be arranged through your Service Provider. You will only be able to keep one of your ISDN / Home Highway telephone numbers - generally you can choose any of your numbers but there are some rare exceptions. If you have an existing Broadband ADSL service and wish to change service providers then please contact both your new and existing service provider to have this service transferred.

Strange seen as my nextdoor nabour can get 1meg. How can i get them to check my line., Ive sent a ticket, phoned. But i cant get any responce or even anyone to talk to me. Help!!!
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How to contact BT, will plus help?

I had exactly the same ,
BT rarely ' test ' your line before giving the response you had , they simply go on past records for your line / road etc.
I had a new line from the pole whilst still on 512 & when I applied I got the same answer even tho my line stats were good.
+net re-applied for me & I got 1 meg without problem.

How to contact BT, will plus help?

Seen as they came and replaced my cabling a few months ago.. My nabour got bb recently, so exepect they got there line tested then.

Plus will you get bt wholesale to check my line properly? Seen as i havent found a way to contact them, and my tickets to you asking for you to do it have been missunderstood.

*wants meg bb*