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How often are the DNS servers updated?


How often are the DNS servers updated?

Does anyone know how often the broadband dns servers are upadted with new/amended details?

I had a domain change server and hence IP address, after 24/36 hrs everyone else bar me was seeing the new IP for the site. I flushed my DNS cache on my machine and router several times with no luck (even rebooting the router, Netgear 814). So I reverted back to my old NTL dns servers for a test and what do you know, the IP for the site changed immedaitely (btw, I'm back on the plusnet dns servers now).

Are the plus net dns severs updated every 4hrs or 8 hrs, or longer?

How often are the DNS servers updated?

Normaly the dns is updated straight away but then it has to propergate around the world and this can take a long time. It would also depend if you have changed a or a .com domain.
to see the state of dns open a dos window and type

nslookup (that will tell you your default server)
then type
and that will give you the ip etc

if you type set type=all
it will give you more details like were your doamin is registered etc.

Note the netgear can have its dns set so changing yours on your pc may not work unless you disable the netgear