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How much variation to expect from BT speed test?

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How much variation to expect from BT speed test?

I've run a few BT speed tests over the last 10 minutes and am seeing wide variations ranging from 2283 Kbps to 6037 Kbps. Is this to be expected?

Haven't been notified by Plusnet that I've been moved to DSL Max, but I assume I have, as my router shows synch at 8128/448 for last 2 weeks. Plusnet rate check says 2000Kbps, and I consistently get between 1950 and 2000Kbps in other speed tests. Assume I'm seeing the BT "stuck" BRAS problem. Hopefully that will get fixed sometime.


How much variation to expect from BT speed test?

I've been seeing something similar. I logged on at the weekend (Sunday 28th) and was surprised to find that my connection details were reporting a connection of 8Mb, despite the fact that I hadn't received anything from PlusNet (or BT) to state that the line had now been upgraded.

The connection does seem quicker, and I've tried a couple of different speed tests which all report about 1900-2000Kbps download speed rather than 8Mbps. Is this likely to be the maximum downlaod speed that I will get or can Iexpect this figure to improve? Would switching from a USB modem to a wired/wireless router improve the situation at all?

How much variation to expect from BT speed test?

no it takes a while but dose sort its self out i had the same was sync at 8128 stable rate said 2000 the minute it changed speed was great

30-05-2006 17:47:22 4558.7
29-05-2006 22:24:59 5890.7
26-05-2006 16:18:23 5123.2
25-05-2006 20:21:03 5577.8
22-05-2006 11:52:45 5404.9
22-05-2006 09:13:19 6048.7
22-05-2006 09:12:58 5657.5
21-05-2006 09:12:45 5617.4
18-05-2006 23:26:19 5762.3
18-05-2006 23:25:58 4653.7
15-05-2006 18:23:35 3048.4
15-05-2006 05:59:17 6050.2
14-05-2006 14:44:00 3363.1
14-05-2006 14:43:45 3319.1
14-05-2006 14:43:32 2069.7

this is latest test at 7:25 pm

Your current speed is:

4.74 Mbps

Which means you can download at 606.88 KB/sec. from our servers

which is good for peak time and the fact they siad to excpect 4 mb max