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How many with VMBU problems


How many with VMBU problems

I saw a thread in AG on increased VMBU usage since the new VMBU began, same problem as me, but not as bad.

I've been told that as I have a static IP the problem of being allocated an IP and the usage of somebody else is impossible.
When the new VMBU was switched on for me, my usage started to rise.

Before I was moved to MaxDSL I was seeing my usage increase by 2 GB a month.
Before the VMBU change I never used more than 30 GB a month on the highest months, including both peak and off-peak usage. In those days peak usage was 16 hours a day. Now peak is only 8 hours for Premium customers so...

March, used a total of around 4 GB, April, 6 GB, May 10 GB, June 16 GB, July 20 GB, August 36 GB.

I don't often use p2p and haven't used it at all since June. No VOIP, no gaming, no VPN, basically little more than web, mail and ftp. None of that uses that much on the up side.

At the beginning of August I started monitoring my main computer with PRTG. During August I was listed as using over 3 GB of 'other' traffic, and was able to find out the dates for two of those periods. On top of that, I added up 1.3 GB minimum peak usage on protocols I don't use.

Now the last time I saw unusually high amounts of 'other' traffic and raised a ticket, it mysteriously dropped from over 400 MB to 20 MB. This time I've been able to send messages to a couple of people who know what they're talking about, when everyone was working to get ticket backlogs down. I hoped I'd get a resolution, but as the same person never answers the same ticket twice, I ended up on the company line, although with more knowledge from the agent.

It was suggested that I only use my Linux box for 2 weeks and record usage with ethereal. Can't only use my Linux box as it's a test box, sometimes things break when running pre-alpha software, and some online stores I need only work with IE.

Then it was suggested I turn my router off for 24 hours. Fair enough, I'll do that, but can't until I leave the country later this month as I'm a postmaster for a listserver and need to monitor all the errors daily.

Latest state of play, I've offered to send them my August PRTG report, which does show a large amount of 'other' traffic in the relative periods, but as a speed of 900 kb/s is recorded, that is obviously mainly internal for my network card. I have a maximum download speed of 370 kb/s. Also of course PRTG uses the 1024 kb per mb, and ISOs use 1000, so somebody needs to do some converting.

But I am very interested that I'm not the only one with very high VMBU figures. For the last 2 months I've had a warning email about usage, that I'm getting close to management, a day before my bill is due.

My usage pattern hasn't changed, apart from reducing usage for a couple of months. I gave that up as still my VMBU traffic went up.