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How long to wait after exchange upgrade?


How long to wait after exchange upgrade?

My exchange is due to be upgraded on the 16th of April. I have placed a pre-order for ADSL with plusnet.

What I am wondering is, generally, how long will I have to wait after my exchange is upgraded for my line to be activated?
It seems to be that, in normal circumstances (ie. when you place an order when your exchange already been upgraded for ADSL), it takes 5-7 days after placing the order for your line to be activated. Will I have to wait 5-7 days after my exchange is upgraded for my line to be activated or will it be shorter (since it is a pre-order?)
I assume that a few people on here have been through the whole pre-order process

It would be nice to think that BT could just activate all the lines for the pre-orders on the same day as upgrading the exchange (since there are engineers at the exchange anyway) but I would be very surprised if this was the case though.
Does Plusnet ever get given a date for line activations or do they only find out once the line is actually activated?

As you might have guessed, I really can't wait to get ADSL!


Michael Christie

RE: How long to wait after exchange upgrade?

I don't know the answer, but my exchange was upgraded today(9th) and my adsl router is telling me the link is active (which it wasn't yesterday), which I assume means that my line has also been activated.
I guess I'm just waiting on plusnet to get the confirmation from BT and upgrade my account.
When it gets upgraded I'll let you know !!



RE: How long to wait after exchange upgrade?


The answer to the original question is that we never know when your line will be activated after the exchange upgrade. BT say it takes 5 - 7 days, but it can be quicker.

James, you can probably get connected now (Before BT have told us officially). What you need to do is this:

Setup your conenction details for PlusNet

If you get a Password rejected error (Specifically Password / Username) this suggests that your conenction is ready now.

If you have successfully hit our servers your account will be automatically enabled within 15 minutes. Try again and you should be able to connect.

Otherwise, once BT tell us that your line is active, which can take a while longer, we will email you and activate your account then.


Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support

RE: How long to wait after exchange upgrade?

The answer was one week. The exchange was activated on the 9th and our connections were usable from today (16th).
My connection was actually up briefly on Monday. Long enough for me to attempt to connect to plusnet, but not long enough for them to enable my account before BT took the line down again (It took plusnet about 1 hour from my failed authentication till I received an email telling me my broadband had been activated).
So you'll have to wait till next wednesday(maybe longer with the Bank holiday) till you are fully enabled.