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How long to connect first time?


How long to connect first time?

I ordered Broadband for the first time 2 weeks ago. So far I have received the modem box but that is it. No activation and absolutley no support what so ever. Is this normal?

I have left questions on the help assisitant which promises an answer in around 12 hours but the first question was place 5 days ago and still no one has answered it. I feel very let down considering I am a new customer.

Can anyone offer any assistance in how to contact someone can offer help directly and immediately?

How long to connect first time?

I would seriously send it all back and at all costs not go to plusnet, I am on the phone to them now and have been waiting for 45 minutes with no reply, just look at the other comments about them on this forum, that will tell you there story.
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How long to connect first time?


I to have been waiting for my line to be activated since the 5th of this month- using the "house move" tool

Still no activation - although im assured that its going to be the 21st of this month - so I shall just have to wait and see

Good Luck - Though