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How long does it take


How long does it take

Signed up and had subs debited on the 24-Feb The blurb said connection would take 7-10 days and I'm still waiting.

How long will it really take ? can I book a week in the sun somewhere ?

When I got to know what the free modem was it didn't exactly fill me with excitment
Binatone Cry USB Cry Cry then the problems others have reported

Should I buy myself a pci modem or modem/router and bin the freebie


How long does it take

Time factor depends upon which service your signed up for. Normal 512/1Mb/2M is normally 7 to 10 days and you can track it on the ADSL tracker.
DSL connect is different and involves Tiscali as well as BT and Plusnet. This can a little longer due to the more parties involved. It also cannot be track on the ADSL tracker.

Try the Binatone modem, it works for the majority of people. If it doesn't work straight off, bin it, and invest in a good router with a firewall such as the Netgear DG834 or Dynamode ADSL-C4 and others.

RE: How long does it take

Not bad going I've got a date of .........

Activation Date
The provisional date set for BT to activate ADSL on your line is:
17th Mar 2004 - After 12pm
:lol: :lol: :lol:

BUT there is a tick in the "Your hardware has been dispatched." box does this mean I should sit in front of the letterbox so i get to the modem before my Pooch does Wink

What about the "Your connection is active - you're ready to start making the most of the Internet with Broadband ADSL box" do I have to wait till this gets ticked befor I can connect.

Cheers Torret
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How long does it take

Check out the Early Activation tutorial.
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How long does it take

Sometimes BT activate your line early so I suggest you try the modem as soon as you get it and see if it syncs. If not, wait until your activation day.