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How long does a reasonable person wait?


How long does a reasonable person wait?

ADSL went down early on Sunday morning, although my router is alive and well and constantly trying to reconnect.

'I know,' I thought, 'I will give support a quick ring to see if there is a major problem, or whether it is just my line'. Like you do. I rang the automated major incident line, but there were no reports of anything being poorly. Nothing else for it then, a long wait on the support line to register my problem...

Does anyone ever stop to think about how infuriating all those messages are, when you are told to check the status online, when you are calling to report you can't get online??

Anyway, 12 trillion "press 1 for..." selections made, and the estimated 10 minutes queue time came and went. So did the following 15 minutes. Then, finally, with heart racing the musac ends to be replaced by a ringing tone! Finally! I take a breath and prepare to explain to the support dweeb that I have done all the checks and yes there really is a fault....

The line goes dead. Grrrr!!!!

Oh well, round to a friend's and the fault recorded online. I have to leave things alone for a couple of hours while the line checks are carried out. Dutifully I do so and return later to find my ticket has been updated. "Yes, there really is a fault, and yes it is Plusnet's fault." Great! Fixed in an hour or two.....NOT.

36 hours later and still waiting. No fix, no updates, nothing.

It costs me arounnd £1 per day for my line, so that'll be a £1.50 refund next month, right? Although at this rate I may be due for an entire month's refund!!

Come on PlusNet! You used to be one of the very best! This is piss poor.

How long does a reasonable person wait?

I had the same problem checked the line from the portal and it said the fault was with them and its being pasted to the correct dept. That was over 9 days ago and the ticket hasnt been up dated since.

Its probaly MAX dsHELL but no one tells you anything

How long does a reasonable person wait?

I have the same problem. My ADSL line went down on Sunday afternoon and still not up. They asked me to do some tests (i.e. test master socket, filters, modem, etc).

PN are performing another test that usually takes 2hrs. I have not heard anything since apart from that they are still testing and might have an update within 72hrs...and I suspect that will not be the end of it.......I had a similar experience with another ISP setting up Broadband for a friend, and response times were fantastics (e..g 2 to 3 hrs call backs, and got the impression they were trying there best to solve issues)...and they gave refunds for each day the service was down without asking.....I really don't know how PN scored 92% on customer satisfaction!!!

I also mentioned in passing that I assume I would get a refund and was told I wouldn't as there is no service level agreement in place, goes to show they do not value customer service...

How long does a reasonable person wait?

I don't know whether to feel comforted that I am not being singled out, or even more disappointed! I was greatly impressed by PlusNet when I moved to them, maybe about 3 years ago, but right now they are even worse than the ISP I moved from.
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How long does a reasonable person wait?

I'm not justying Plus Nets poor service here, but as I understand from previous posts, their CS departments are very stretched at the moment due to a mass of DSL complaints and queries.

No comfort I know, but it's a litte bit of information

How long does a reasonable person wait?

What cannot be excused in any organisation is their complete failure to tell me how the fault rectification is progressing. Nothing since Sunday, and yes, it is still down as of Friday.

How long would it take to scribble an update in the call history? As it is, I have no idea if they are working on the problem, passed it to BT maybe (and we all know how useless they are!), or has my fault dropped through a hole in the floor?

The first rule of any support organisation is "Manage your customer's expectations". How about it PlusNet?

How long does a reasonable person wait?

Maybe I am one of the lucky ones.. but after the upgrade I had a few problems over two or three days and then everything got back to normal. I still get the odd disconnection, however nothing to write home about!!
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Constant disconnections one month!

I have been having constant disconnections for four weeks now, I have paid to have my line checked by BT and there is nothing wrong with it.
PN have been very unhelpful and I have had to search around the net to find answers.
If the problem is ADSL Max, why does my line not show any change in speed?
My line has disconnected 6 times whilst writing this and the only way to reconnect is to reboot my modem each time.

How long does a reasonable person wait?

Just to be clear, this is nothing to do with my line being MAX'd. It hasn't been. It is a straight forward loss of a connection that has otherwise been very reliable.

The strange thing is, the line came back up a mere 10 minutes after making my last post on Friday. Coincidence? Not that I would know unless I maintained a wireless connection to my router status screen, because PlusNet still haven't updated the fault call.

It was nice to receive the broadcast placatory email from PlusNet, detailing all the changes they are making to the support processes. The question is though, why the hell did they let it get so bad before deciding they had better take action while they still have a few customers left? So far as I am concerned, the damage to reputation is already done, and I no longer feel able to recommend them to anyone. I have over 390 outstanding referrals from the banner ad on my website, but I am hoping they don't sign up.