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How good a job PN are doing.......


How good a job PN are doing.......

Considering ADSL is supposed to be back on, I could get quicker access through a 28.8k modem.

Thing that fecks me over is the absence of the usual posts from "da boyz on da board". Obviously deciding to keep us well and truly out of the picture. Lack of good inter personal skills isnt the best way for a communications company to behave. Look at BT. Their service was continual boll*cks, which is why they are being left behind with the minnows.

**Just a last point ( I might be going mad) Whenever I couldnt connect, I starting ringing PN and about 5 secs into the call (recorded message)it would connect. 9 times. Am I aloneHuh?

GRRR :confused
kopking..........The Fight Continues......