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How does LLU profile work?


How does LLU profile work?

I read many post about slow speeds and differences between sync speeds and download speeds but they all seem to relate to ADSL Max which I assume is the BT product.

As I'm on Tiscali LLU I'm wondering how my BRAS profile gets set and updated and what to do about improving my speeds. Of course there have been so many problems with the LLU product that I guess only now is it stable enough to start seeing the speeds I should be getting. As recently as last week I was getting sync speeds as low as 115 kbps which is barely more than dialup. I then started continually rebooting the router in the hope of getting better sync rates and alternatively connecting the router to the master socket which always seems to improve things although I haven't done it systematically enough for it to be conclusive. I'm not really sure anymore if this is helpful or harmful.

Current stats as I write as follows although my SNR margin has been as high as 13.6 db.

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 3333 kbps 570 kbps
Line Attenuation 57.0 db 32.9 db
Noise Margin 10.8 db 13.0 db

The info on the alternative suppliers FAQ suggest a script runs within the next 24 hours to upgrade my speed but next after when I don't know.

How does LLU profile work?

I just found the broadband speed link which is telling me

Your High-speed Broadband Service

Your current broadband speed is 8000 Kbps

Does this tool work for LLU as I've never managed to sync higher than 4000 kbps although I guess I'm around 5 km from the exchange.
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How does LLU profile work?

It is always set to 8000 on LLU, regardless of your sync speed.

It actually has no meaning on LLU as its a BT Bras stable rate figure which does not exist on LLU.

How does LLU profile work?

So are there any tools for LLU yet? Is there such a thing as a BRAS profile or equivalent. What I actually see when testing is that the download rate changes in line with the sync rate which would indicate that there isn't any restriction on the download rate.

How does LLU profile work?

FWIW are you using a master socket filter? In my opinion a master filter is far better than using plugins. Currently on a fixed rate account I saw a huge SNR improvement which would have increased the speed if I was on LLU or MAX.