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How do you get your line test results???


How do you get your line test results???

my line just failed the BT line test and i want to get the results to see if it is worth my whileholdig out hope for the extended reach ADSL trial or whether i'll have to sort something else out isdn/Satellite etc. i keep seeing people on here mentioning there results for line loss etc but i was not provided any figures and when i phoned plusnet to get them i was told they hay no results and i had to phone bt when i phoned bt they told me that plusnet had to supply this info.

So where does everyone get their results fromHuh
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How do you get your line test results???

Hi there,

BT will actually no longer provide us with the line test results if orders fail. This is the case for all ISP's as far as I am aware. If you want to get your line test results then you will need to write to BT Broadband and request it under the DPA (although they can charge you for this if they want).

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How do you get your line test results???

AFAIK BT probably won't provide this under the DPA.
Line test results are something to do with your phone line which is owned by BT, therefore they arent bound by the DPA.

Has anyone been sucessful gaining this from them?