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How do you get support now?


How do you get support now?

I had a problem with maxadsl and put in a question it took a week before anyone answered. I have another question in and nothing has been done for 24 hours.

Whats happening are they on strike?
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How do you get support now?

This is how bad things have got and unfortunately replys are taking many days now due to the shere volume of Max related fault tickets and questions. Even when they do answer questions, more often than not its not the answer you expecting/does not help or a stock./scripted reply to get rid of the ticket back to you. In one fault ticket I had recently, there were 2 periods of 5 days before an answer was posted.

CS, both phone and questions, is in a shocking state with no sign of any improvements in the short term. There is a published plan for restructuring CS but that will take months.
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How Do You Get Support Now

And they claim that PN are one of the top providers personally I don't believe it.
lot of trouble is with upgrades members are just fed up with PN excuses.

How do you get support now?

Its a disgrace, and I agree, fully considering leaving plusnet as fast as possible, its a sinking boat

How do you get support now?

There is a published plan for restructuring CS but that will take months.

Nothing more than a case of moving the furniture around, in my opinion.

How do you get support now?

I have been waiting two days for a reply (download speed very very slow).
I have tried the telephone support line and have abandoned on three occasions when I have been waiting for 32 minutes 40 minutes and 46 minutes. How on earth they can claim to have a telephone response time of 24 minutes I do not know. This is unacceptable may people hang up before then in frustration.

How do you get support now?

i am so dispondent with this shower of plus

i wish they would just release my line from thiuer service so i can go back to yahoo. even ntl is looking pretty sexy at the min

i have now been down for 48hrs
i have all lights e=xctept the internet light lit on the router
i have tried everything even replacing the old modem and router with a shiny new all in one gateway disconected everything from the line including calling out the alarm guy at a cost of 65 quid to disconect etc while i had the line tested by one tel shower of plus i tell a shower

spent 4 1/2 hours waiting on the general cs line and dont now how may yimes rang on the premium rate only tobe cut off after 3 mins

all of you complain to ofcom
Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road

Switchboard: 020 7981 3000
Fax: 020 7981 3333
Textphone: 020 7981 3043 - Please note that this number only works with special equipment used by people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

these jerks either kicked in to touch or shut down
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How do you get support now?

oftel have not existed for well over a year.

How do you get support now?

spoke to ofcom
ythey are reciving a large number of compliants regarding the level of service being provided

relating to the non answering of calls

oh by the way i still have not recieved an answer to my ticket

or have managed to make contact

bet you now i cancled th dd some one will call

How do you get support now?

I put in a ticket 2 days ago and they now say there is a 120 hour waiting list. It took me 4 hours to connect today

How do you get support now?

As sad as it is, it is refreshing to see that it's not just me having problems with these people. 2.5 months ago they upgraded my account to allow up to 8 MB, then 2.5 weeks ago they told me the upgrade had been done, and I have now spent the last 2.5 weeks unsuccessfully trying to get through to them to explain that my connection speed is still consistently 2 MB - not unstable etc, just not upgraded. Today they said I needed to do a BT test - 3 times including one after mid-night and send them the results and sure enough all of these say 2 MB. I have written to their Chairman (2 weeks ago) complaing but no reply to date. I have spent hours on the phone (a) trying to get through and (b) trying to explain to them what the problem is but they cannot understand and insist on sending out scripted replies that are irrelevant.

What a total waste of space.

Very frustrating and no light at the end of the tunnel yet.
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How do you get support now?

I wonder if you would get a quicker answer by ringing the 50p a minute number?
And if that's what Plusnet want you to do? :roll:

No service whatsoever

My ticket has been outstanding since last Friday (23/6). But still they advertise guaranteed service. See-

- Misselling?

The obvious apathy while they continue to take my money is driving me up the wall. Surely if +net cannot deliver the promised service, we should be allowed to cancel without penalty.

To be on hold for between 40 and 70 minutes at a time, is unacceptable, and is costing me money, since I have to call on my mobile (being away from home during the week).

Come on Plusnet, show commitment to your customers.
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How do you get support now?

2 weeks and no action on providing broadband since BT ? upgrade of exchange. Does the contract we have with PN broadband plus give us a reasonable chance of obtaining the service fees we pay?

How do you get support now?

My problems have been going on since June 20th and I have filled in the my question ywice in the last 2 days but no one replies. To connect I have to removes all the phones and put in an old phone without a filter so it makes the line noisy.

I then connect at 2 meg I then have to put the phone back in quick. With the old phone my snr is 6 with the normal phone and filter its 19.

If I try connecting with the normal phone I connect at 6.5 meg for 1 min and then it drops the line. I left it for an hour yesterday and it tried 85 times to connect.

I may be stupid but one would think the system would work out Ha hes n0t connecting at 6.5 meg lets drop the speed until he can connect.

I was connecting at 4448 for a week or so ok but now its stupid but my highest speed test is 3 meg and it gone down hill ever since I managed 856k the other day a week and it will be slower than a modem.

Still I wait for it to be fixed but they keep expect me to bring my phone over as well