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How do i run a SHOUTcast server on Linux


How do i run a SHOUTcast server on Linux


I don't know if this post will be a waste of time.

I'm trying to figure out Linux OS.
I have set-up a Linux Kernel version 2.4.20-30.9
web host account with SSH/Shell Acess

Now i uploaded file: shoutcast-1-9-2-linux-glibc6.tar.gz (GZ file)
then using the file manager i went to the directory it was on,
and exracted the file contents.

File Type: gzip compressed data, was "shoutcast-1-9-2-linux-glibc6.ta", from Unix, max compression

I now have much the same directory as i do if i run the W32 version on my Windows XP.

I set the config file etc..
but what i wanted to ask is: How do you run this file on a linux server?
same as on XP you have to exe the file, so how do you do that on Linux.
Do i use the SSH/Shell Access ?

If so and my file that i want to run is on a directory path

would you run that on SSH/Shell Access?
i dont know any commands as im just using this to learn.

If anyone knows can you help.
Thanks. Smiley

How do i run a SHOUTcast server on Linux

It's ok it was a hard question!. Smiley

I have googled it, and found a great Linux set up here:
this is my first time using it and i have done it no problem,

Here's it working: (it actually works!)
man it's rock solid Linux.

Give Linux a go if youre a windows user, stick it on a spare machine its different! and intresting Tongue