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How do i fool my Host file to think my static IP is local


How do i fool my Host file to think my static IP is local


I am using a Netgear DM 602 router/modem which I set the DMZ zone for (the local ip to my outside wan) (the set up page for my DM 602 and also the DNS) local set-up page for MR814v2

It then routes into a 4 port Netgear Wireless router MR814v2,
everything works fine, port forward and such.

But as the case before, when I used a Belkin Gateway/router,
if I try connect to my own servers (web server or anything local)
using my external PlusNet static IP, I am taken to the Netgear router set up page, since that's the WAN = my IP number.

Now, I overcame this problem a while back, by editing the HOST file found in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\

and by editing the file HOSTS

I tell the file to connect for example my local IP, to a DNS name normally the same as on my server configuration files.

And that works fine, But I now have a server which doesn't let me change the configuration file to point to

And instead you click on your server link via the messenger, so in actual fact its trying to connect to my external PlusNet IP, and that's not possible to do from inside my network.
I'm referring to camfrog video server as my test project,
so is there anyway in which I can edit the HOST file again, so that my external PlusNet IP address points to my local server of ?

Below is how I currently have it set-up.

The local IP on the left, and the DNS name on the right, which all point to my outside IP addy.

So anything configured with on my computer, will work on the outside and on the inside.
But if I try direct contact with my external IP from the inside of my network, I always get the router set-up page, and this is causing me problems if I want to run a server with no configuration to set it to local use.
and so it always says 'cant connect to server' but works fine externally...
Is there a fix for this problem?.

If anyone can help, please post!
Thank you.