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How close to the exchange?


How close to the exchange?

I live within (as the cable is laid) under 700m from our exchange, however I'm being told I can't have either of the 1000/2000 products.

I'm currently using HomeHighway and was under the impression these tests were carried out when the HomeHighway box was taken out.

Any idea's? I'm so angry it's un-true! I feel like conecting the phone socket to a main-plus and forcing them to replace the wire's.

Sorry to rant by anyone got any idea's for why these tests on my line have failed?
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How close to the exchange?


Line length isn't the only test of whether a line is suitable or not. When they do a conversion they will do a woosh test to ensure the line will support the service, but if the records are showing that it is out of limits before the conversion then generally they don't go ahead with it because the order will fail.
512kbps has a higher limit so we can always try for that.
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How close to the exchange?

Go for 512k and when thats up and running you could apply for an upgrade to 1 or 2 meg.
Like you I am baffled by the fact that you can't have the higher speed being so close to the exchange.
I live about 2k away from mine but the figures returned from my router suggest that I would be Ok for 2meg if I wanted it.

How close to the exchange?

You did make sure you ticked the "I have Home Highway" box?

How close to the exchange?

To be fair it is confusing! I originally asked for the connection to be put on my second line (the one I got when HomeHighway was installed) and I got told this was capable of the 2Mb service.

I checked the BT Wholesale website and that number sure enough says 512k only, however my line 1 number comes up with the 2Mb should be OK message (as does my postcode), how can the same cable come up with 2 different results? It's certainly confusing me.

Anyway I've raised another ticket for a double check on line 1, I'm not to sure how that will go, but thanks for the advice!

How close to the exchange?

I had exactly the same problem. Got 512k, wanted 1mb.

Passed the noise tests. Passed line length.

BT turned around and said I couldnt get any higher.

Personally I think BT are a waste of time. They obviously couldnt be arsed to do a proper line check and looked at my area and said NO.

What a set of w*nkers.

Have a look at my other thread on this forum and check out my noise levels and woosh test results!!!! Then tell me if you think I should have failed! :x :x :x

How close to the exchange?

OK, if you want me to. You should have failed!

There is more to it than just attuation, and many people are under the impression that is all that is used for line qualitifcation tests.

I suggest a visit to the BT Wholesale forum on ADSL Guide. It is full of cases similar to your own and reasons why BT don't just use attuation.