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How can I speed up my connection


How can I speed up my connection

I've had a lower than expected performance from Plusnet ADSL for some time now (according to speed test utililty) - for at least 12 months. I can varying results - it depends on the size of the test file which the pseed tet uses, the 1.2 - 1.5 meg files give me about 215Kbps and the 2.13meg files give me 194Kbps or lower. I have Plus nets 2Mbps Office ADSL which is meant to offer 2Mbps at a reasonably loowe contention ratio. Gateway is the Binatone you get for from from Plusnet.
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How can I speed up my connection

Please perform all the tests detailed in and post your results.
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How can I speed up my connection

Please note that whilst you're connected to the internet at 2Mb, that doesn't mean you can always download at 240k/s.

I rarely get 240k/s from anywhere. This is due to the connection to the internet that the server at the other end (from which you are downloading) has to the internet. Most sites will not be setup on a connection that can provide 2mb upload to every visitor.

Microsoft seems to be the most reliable in terms of speed. I almost always get 230k+ from them.

Have you tried the Plusnet Speedtester?

How can I speed up my connection

I think Plusnets speed test might unreliable, using the speed tester on adslguide I get reasonable results and figures in the right ballpark, allowing for net traffic etc.

Downstream 1793 Kbps (224.1 KB/sec) 1936 Kbps (inc. overheads) Upstream 240 Kbps (30.0 KB/sec) 259 Kbps (inc. overheads)

FYI - I use a static IP address from a block of 8 plusnet supplied to me and have Primary DNS set to, Secondary is

I guess I'm pretty happy with the speed figures now. Smiley