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How can I keep the speed up, (after deliberate disconnects?)


How can I keep the speed up, (after deliberate disconnects?)


The background:-

I have a very good STABLE MAXDSL connection. I sync at 7616mbs, Plusnet state I can get 7000mpbs and I normally transfer at 5mps GREAT!!! (especially at 3km from the exchange)

I normally leave the modem/router switched on and connected, I very occasionally lose connection but not sync, (the dreaded 10 past 10 pm syndrome), but this never reduces my speeds.

Now last night , I disconnected the modem/router from the BT socket, because there was a thunderstorm rumbling around, and I did not want my modem/router fried during the night. I had not had any disconnects or sync losses last night until I pulled the plug!

This morning when I re-connected my PLusnet speed has changed to 6000 from 7000mbps.

My questions:-

If I switch the modem/router off and disconnect the cable again today.. (there are more thunderstorms rumbling), am I going to reconnect at a lower speed again?

Is there any way of gracefully disconnecting from BT / Plusnet that "freezes" the rate adaptive system so when I reconnect I do so at the same speed as before.?