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How big is a VP?

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Registered: 13-08-2007

How big is a VP?

I learn't something yesterday Cheesy

a/ That BT VPs seem to start at 10MBytes/sec

b/ That the contention ratio specified is a fraction of the VP capacity (NOT the users copper loop max capacity e.g. for me at the moment 2MBytes/sec)

So to get more throughput/user there are two things you can change.

1/ You can either reduce the number of users per/vp (reducing the contention) or

2/ Increase the speed of the VP

Now '1' is under my control - I can choose to go to a lower contention product, but '2' is under BT's control.

I presume that BT must have a rolling project of upgrades (vps & associated hardware) to keep ahead of demand?

How big is a VP?

cool bit of info thanks, does that mean that you can request to be moved to a different vp with less users on it?

How big is a VP?

Unfortunatly not.

About the only time between are moved between VPs is during some migrations, during regrades (not in all cases) and where a VP is found to be overloaded (over contended).

However, you would have noticed by not if BT had supplied the service at 51:1 or worse.