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How Do I connect PS2 online???


How Do I connect PS2 online???


Whether being ignorant or not looking into the fact of how to connect my PS2 online I am now a little stuck of what to do.

I thought once I bought the Network adaptor I would plug it in to my PS2 and then the Ethernet cable into my splitter lead and away I wentSad

Sadly not, I now realise I need to use my cable modem but have a few problems. The the Binatone modem has only one slot for the Ethernet cable to plug into that and the phone line and the other is connected to my PC through USB. Also the Ethernet cable with the Adaptor has the pins a little larger than the current ones I have plugged into the modem and splitter.

N.B My PS2 is situated in different rooms, PC in bedroom with phone line and PS2 in living room with phone line. So cant really have wires running all over the place.


1) How do I now connect, any good sites to see and FAQ?

2) Do I not need a modem with 2 Ethernet ports?
Meaning I need a Ethernet port for my adaptor to fit into and then another for the Ethernet lead to plug into the splitter - is this correct? As I have said my current adsl modem only has one port.

Sorry for being such a newbie, but am now a little lost for what to do. Bearing in mind I need to keep costs down as now I didn't relise i might need another modemSad
Bearing in mind I am also from the UK any help would be much appreicated.

Thanks in advance

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How Do I connect PS2 online???


The easiest thing to do would be to install a network card in your PC and set up internet connection sharing (easy to do) and get a crossover network cable to link your PC to your PS2 you will need to leave the PC on when gaming though.

Network card - <£10 (even if you go to PC world)
X over cable(a patch lead or 'straight through' cable won't work) - dont know on price - less than a tenna i suppose.

theres plenty of sites that will tell you how to set it up.

Hope this helps,


How Do I connect PS2 online???

Can't really do that as I have my PS2 downstairs in the living room while PC is upstairs.

heard I could get a router or even a wireless one, but how are these connected to my current Binatone USB modem. Heard I can't connect a USB modem to a router as I should have a connection through a network card by ethernet cable??

Not sure what I am doing now?

How Do I connect PS2 online???

I got a setup utilising a router, but I think you may have a problem because you have a USB only modem Sad

Normally what happens is an Ethernet modem is connected to a router (lets say 4 port) via a crossover cable (ethernet not USB unfortunatley). The router now acts as a bridge to all other devices that require access to the modem. Hence being able to plug both your PS2 and PC into the router and access the Net from both.

ummm.. I'd suggest buying a modem/router. This is a modem that also acts as a router, whether you'd be able to get a similar modem/router that has both ethernet and USB I don't know, or whether you'd need to buy a network card for your PC. Personally I'd buy the network card.

Hope this helps