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How Cheeky Are Plusnet!


How Cheeky Are Plusnet!

i would like to show ppl what plusnet have said. I have poor download speeds in which i have tried to download a 2.67mb file thru p2p with plenty of sources and its took 5 hours so far.

i asked for my mac code and they replied with this:

n order for us to generate a MAC Code for you, we would first need to take a payment of £14.99 to cover the costs that we incurred when you migrated to us.

Please confirm that you acknowledge this charge and we shall generate a MAC Code for you.

Im sure it states that to switch to plusnet its free! and the first month is free WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! I PAID FOR THE FIRST MONTH AND IM SECOND MONTH AND THEY STILL WANT 14.99



not a happy chappy plusnet
:twisted: :!: Evil

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How Cheeky Are Plusnet!

LOL, that really is taking the piss!
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How Cheeky Are Plusnet!

There is a migration in fee of £14.99 which is deferred for 12 months, then cancelled. If you migrate within the first 12 months of joining the migrate in fee is payable before you can leave, after 12 months the fee is no longer payable.

This was all explained in the T&C for migrations, which you have either forgotten about or never bothered to look at during the sign-up process.

How Cheeky Are Plusnet!

I migrated to PlusNet in June 2005, does this mean I can get my MAC code and leave for free?

Point me at the link so I can request my MAC code now please!

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How Cheeky Are Plusnet!


How Cheeky Are Plusnet!


Thank you.

I will be leaving ASAP.

PlusNet - when it works are OK.

When there are problems, they don't give a d@mn, they are not interested at all, you are just fobbed off with excuses, they just hope you will go away rather than trying to sort out their (yes their, not my) problem.

I will happily pay more for a better customer service, let alone a better broadband service, mine is more like a dial-up service at the moment. 61kbps download speed using the PlusNet speed checker. :roll:
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How Cheeky Are Plusnet!

You too eh? Well at least that makes me feel a bit better, I was beginning to think I was the one with the problem. Ive had all the checks done on my line tonight, and they say there is nothing wrong with it!

Is yours all the time, or just during the evening? Evil

How Cheeky Are Plusnet!

Mainly during the evening, well just after 1600hrs when I get lots of disconnections (which upset any downloads and online games). But sometimes all day. My speeds are a lot of the time lower than when I was on a fixed speed 1meg connection! The thing that really gets me is the total lack of care and sensible response from PlusNet. Any problem, when they finally answer the phone, is due to my settings or household telephone wiring. Funnily enough the settings etc. have not changed between poor and good speeds. Their answers are limited and formulaic and they will not admit they have any sort of problem. I would put up with the occasional slow down if they said that they or BT have a problem and are fixing it.
Admitting a problem and saying what you are doing to fix it is way better than saying "your settings may need changing".
What they will soon realise is you cannot treat reasonable people like this as they will leave, perhaps they don't care now they have been sold to BT.

/end rant

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