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House Move Help


House Move Help

I am moving house over the next week and need my broadband to move with me.

I have spoken to BT and they have set up a new line at the new property for me. They told me that in order for my broadband to move over correctly I need to give Plusnet an 8 character code.

I just used the 'move my adsl' feature online (couldn't use phone as the helpline seems to have jammed up for days) and there was nowhere to input the code BT gave me. The move request has been accepted, but my question is: Do Plusnet need the code BT gave me?

House Move Help


I am also moving house & broadband and I am also getting little feedback from plusnet and as you say they don't seem to answer phone calls.

From what I can gather this is an automated process, unfortunately the system cannot check the new line until BT actually activate the number for the new property. Thus if you are moving to a property where the owner already has the line in use you have to wait until they are disconnected.

I contacted BT to find out when the current line in the new house will be disconnected and my line connected. I then supplied this information as a response to the open support question generated by the automatic move process. Unfortunately this seems to be the best that I can do as I am not even getting responses to questions posted to the support teams.

Sorry I can't actually answer your question, but I hope this helps.