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Hoped for 8x increase but got 8x decrease!


Hoped for 8x increase but got 8x decrease!

Hi, I'd like to add my troubles to the list.

I was running ADSL 1000 with a consistent download speed of ~1000Kb. I was looking forward to my upgrade to 'up to 8Mb' to get just a little increase, knowing that my line wouldn't support 2Mb previously due to the line condition (distance from the exchange!).

On my first day on the upgrade, my download speed dropped from ~1000Kb to ~250Kb. The next day it went up to ~500Kb. I was hopefully of a speed increase each day. To my dismay, my download speed stayed at ~500Kb for the rest of the 10 day period.

During this time I borrowed an ADSL modem which showed the attenuation figures. My downlink speed was about 1500Kb. So, I changed the microfilter and got downlink speed up to 3232Kb (3584Kb at the main phone point), uplink always showing 448Kb. The attenuation figures are downstream line 48 (margin 4dB) and upstream line 28 (margin 19dB), and at the main phone point downstream line 49 (margin 4dB) and upstream 28 (margin 23dB).

Anyway, now at the completion of the 10 days, my download speed has dropped dramatically to ~130Kb. I've tried multiple times during the evening and early in the morning. So, I'm stuck with an 8x decrease in my download speed, when I was hoping for up to 8x increase.

My modem is a new Linksys ADSL2MUE. My current data rate down/up is 3328/448, according to the status page. So why the download speed linited to ~130Kb?

So, I ask PlusNet for two options:

1) Please assist with sorting out why my download speed has dropped 8x.

2) Revert my service back to ADSL 1000.

I'd prefer option 1, but I can't live with 2.5x dial-up speed for long. Anti-virus and Microsoft updates for 4 machines, streaming video from BBC web-site, downloading e-mails, etc. is no fun.

If anyone else has had this sort of experience and have ideas to help, please help.

Thanks in advance.

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Hoped for 8x increase but got 8x decrease!

perhaps the modem u borrowed was better o.O

What's wrong with my modem ;-)

The modem I borrowed was a new Linksys WAG354G ADSL Modem Wireless Router. It showed only slightly better link speed, as can be seen in my original post.

From what I have read elsewhere, with a link speed over 3Mb I should get a minimum download speed of 400Kb. So, with a download speed of 130Kb, there is definitely a problem which either PlusNet and/or BT need to look into.

Anyway, it's a good job my modem is in another room and can't see that you're saying it might be inferior ;-)

Cheers, John
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Hoped for 8x increase but got 8x decrease!

A very similar story here for me - but I'm only on day 7 out of 10.

I was running 2mb without any problems, then went for the "up to 8mb" for £5 option.

First couple of days were great, stable downloads of 4000+ with a couple of line drops.
25th Oct I found my router ( a Netgear DG834G ) connected at 160kbps

From there I got a 128kb download speed, and thats where its stayed ever since !
The router since then is consistantly connecting between 5000 and 6600kbps with a steady 448 upstream.
But I only ever get 128 - 130 max download speeds.
Support said this is normal on the ticket I raised, so now I'm waiting til Monday when I shall expect someone to be intrested.

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 5696 kbps 448 kbps
Line Attenuation 42 db 14 db
Noise Margin 6 db 24 db


Now running downloads up to 2500Kbps, result!

Just to pass on some good news, I'm now downloading at over 2Mbps :-)

Plusnet were useless but gave me good instructions on how to use the BT speedtester.

I spoke with a BT employee and he advised me to use the "real" master socket, behind the faceplate that I thought was the master socket. This unplugs the faceplate which also has all the extensions wired into it. So I now had a direct socket straight back to the exchange. I plugged in my ADSL modem, got a link speed of ~6000Kbps and straight away my download speed shot up to ~2500Kbps. I replaced the faceplate and am now running my ADSL modem back on the original extension, with a link speed of ~3000Kbps and two days later I'm still getting download speeds of over 2Mbps during the day (somewhat slower during the evening, but that's contending with everyone else using the internet).

I'm very happy to now be getting over twice the download speed compared to when I had a 1Mbps service.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else benefits from this information.

Good luck.


Hoped for 8x increase but got 8x decrease!

If you can get ~6000Kbps behind the faceplate of the master socket but not in front of it then i'd say that there's little doubt your faceplate is broken in some way and it needs replacing. You should get the same in front of it as behind it i would have thought!!

I just bought one of these:
and can thoroughly recommend it. Worth every penny.

I'd say it would be very worth a try. You may get your 6000 speed!

New faceplate option

Thanks for the link, it's the enhanced version of what I have been advised to use by the BT employee.

It was explained that the reason why I don't get as good link speed when the faceplate is fitted is because the extension wiring causes interference.

I like the idea of being able to route the ADSL to an extension separately, as I can't have the ADSL modem at the main socket as I don't have any power points!


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Hoped for 8x increase but got 8x decrease!

Its unlikely to be the actual faceplate thats damaged but probably the wiring to any extensions that you have.
This wiring gets removed from the equation when you use the test socket inside the master.

Hoped for 8x increase but got 8x decrease!

So the best solution would be to use the faceplate at the link i gave and rewire the extension. That faceplate allows you to add a filtered extension straight into the back of it whereas the official one doesn't. I think that's right anyway Smiley

OR, you could do as i do. I DO have electric sockets near the master socket but only yesterday i moved the ADSL router up into the spare room (upstairs) where the rest of my office kit is to keep it a bit tidier. I've done this by running an RJ45 cable from the filtered (ADSL) socket of that faceplate to a socket in the living room which is patched to a socket upstairs. The RJ11 / router just plugs into the upstairs socket.

It possibly sounds a little odd, but trust me it's not and there are other reasons why it's like that!

I get absolutely no quality or speed loss whatsoever scross the RJ45 sockets and cabling. If i did then i'd have just left it downstairs.

A diagram would speak a thousand words but i'm no good at ascii art Smiley

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Hoped for 8x increase but got 8x decrease!

I'll also add an update, though it's not as dramatic as jtw13's.

The original speed drop and problems I have now found were caused by my wife unplugging the micro filter to plug our new fax in !
After opening another call with CS and getting another routine reply, I have been re-training my router. 5 Days of daily reboots is supposed to re-train it.
I currently have an unstable 500kbps "stable rate", which I am really hoping will be something more usable by the weekend.
Failing that, I'll be opening another call, getting another routine reply, and I'll be back here asking for help.


Hoped for 8x increase but got 8x decrease!

I'm on day 8 for DSL Max. First day my D/L speed doubled from about 460kbps to over 1000kbps.The upload increased from about 260 kbps to 360 kbps. After the first day I'm getting the same upload but my down speed is about 460kbps.Looks like DSL Max hasn't really helped me. I have a Netgear DG834 router plugged into the test socket in the master socket and one phone plugged in. My line is about 4km as the crow flies from the exchange but it goes round the houses in a very rural area so the actual line distance could be double that.

PlusNet support play the 'it's against policy' card

Well, I informed PlusNet of my problems and then told them how I'd improved performance. Their response was:

"We are aware of the test socket however it is against bt policy for us to advise you of this as it is classed as tampering with bt equipment and also would confuse some customers more than it would help them."

PlusNet did give me details on how to use the BT speedtester, where you have to change the login and DNS, etc. settings on the modem. Isn't this going to confuse some customers more than it would help them? I found it far easier to remove two screws and pull out a faceplate.

So I guess this is where these forums come in very useful. We can, I presume, give out advice which might be against BT policy and might be classed as tampering with BT equipment, and might confuse some people more than it would help them ;-)

Well, I'm still downloading at up to 2.5Mbps and am happy with that for now. Good luck to those of you still struggling, I hope you get something sorted soon.

Thanks for all the support and advice.


Hoped for 8x increase but got 8x decrease!

I don't think you are tampering with anything unless you take the socket off and tamper with the wires behind it. Just taking off the frontplate and putting the plug into the test socket isn't tampering in my opinion.
Last time I had a BT engineer round I had my comp router plugged into the test socket and he said that was fine,but not to touch the wires behind it.
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Hoped for 8x increase but got 8x decrease!

What a difference a day makes - Well a couple for me.

Plusnet CS advice was to reboot once a day, which now appears to have been all my line needed.
The Stable rate went back to 4500 on its own, and my current download speed is now a stable 4000+kbps with a connection time so far of 23 hours Smiley

Although I was originally sceptical about the CS advice, it appears to have been correct, and retraining the line worked.

Irritated is putting it mildly

Time to get organised. The one weapon that we all have is the oxygen of publicity. I suggest that to get things moving that every one who has a speed issue should contact either their local radio station or BBC Watchdog. If enough complain someone will have to act.
My exchange has been at red for six weeks - if that is the problem! It is about time it was brought into the public domain. PN then have an additional problem if this issue is resolved and there are still other problems.