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Homecall Broadband


Homecall Broadband

Hi there,

Any of you guys know anything about the above ISP. They appear to be tied with Phones4u/Cauldwell Comms.

Specifically I am trying to find out who actually provides their broadband?

Client of ours needs the info.


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Homecall Broadband

One clue is the 2 speeds offfered for the broadband service 150K & 512K. The 150K speeds are normally associated with datastream products so the chances are both will be datastream based although it's still possible 512K is IPstream.


Please be aware that there are restrictions on the availability of Homecall Broadband Standard (150k). However, we do provide a location checking facility on sign up and we are constantly striving to improve our coverage. If you are unable to receive Homecall Broadband Standard (150k), please note that Homecall Broadband Extra (512k) is available in all UK enabled areas.

Highlighted text often associated with datastream and 512 being available all over suggests IPStream.

Someone asked a similar Q here:

The owner of Cauldwell Comms also has a connection with Tiscali so putting two and two together you can probably guess who supplies broadband. I have not found any specific reference to this though.

Homecall Broadband

Hi Peter,

Many thanks for the info. Much appreciated.