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HomeHighyway > ADSL


HomeHighyway > ADSL

My exchange got a RFS this week Cheesy
I've been told somewhere along the line that I'll need to have my HomeHighway removed Sad Is this true?

If the above is true then what do I need to do about it?

Please help.


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HomeHighyway > ADSL

Hi there,

Yes it is true that the ISDN will have to go.

I have changed from ISDN (HH) to ADSL with no problems although it does take a little longer.

Everything is working fine here, although I admit I am using a router for ADSL, which keeps the connection up even when my PC is switched off.

Because I used the second phone number of the ISDN for a fax / special number for call outs in connection with my work, I have just had a new second normal BT line installed, and all is well with that as well.

The only caveat is that BT will need to test your line for ADSL with the ISDN disconnected at both your end and at the exchange. (At your end they can get access from the master socket upline of your HH box), If this test fails, they will put back the ISDN. I managed to get a tame BT engineer and when my line was converted to ADSL, he put in one of the genuine BT front plate splitters which I believe are better than the plug in types.

I have only the one splitter as the rest of my phone equipment (phones, sky box etc) are fed from wiring which plugs into the splitter, and all work fine.

Hope all goes well for you.



HomeHighyway > ADSL

Thanks for that!

Just one more thing thou ... Do I have to arrange for BT to come out or is that done when I sign up for broadband?

Is it going to cost me much to have the line converted?


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HomeHighyway > ADSL

BT will either contact you direct or arrange a day through PlusNet.

There is no cost to remove ISDN (and none to have it fitted again if you line test fails).

HomeHighyway > ADSL

That's great!

Thanks for your help ... Off to pre-order now Smiley