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Home Gateway Prompt


Home Gateway Prompt

I've recently joined plus net. I have an Origo 8000 ADSL Modem/Router connected to my Ethernet Hub, from which I run 4 PC's. I have no problem on the PC I installed the Modem software onto - this accesses all web pages thru IE, and collects/sends e-mail as requested. However, on my other PC's whenever IE is entered, a dialogue box appears asking for a username and password. None of my local/plusnet passwords will enable the page to open. Strangely though, the e-mail service works fine on these PC's.

I have zone alarm installed on all PC's.

Windows XP Pro, and Office XP provide the main bones of the system.

I have tried all sorts of things - please help!

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Home Gateway Prompt

Check you have no proxy info configured in IE as some other ISPs use that to access their network and PlusNet does not.

IE->tools->internet options->connections tab->lan settings button and untick all boxes in automatic settings and proxy server sections.

Home Gateway Prompt

Thanks Peter,

I have just got it working. Had soem proxy server stuff set up. Removed it, and now all is well with the world!

Phol Cheesy