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High latency getting to newsgroups

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High latency getting to newsgroups

Hi Folks

Is anyone else suffering delays in accessing both headers and contents on newsgroups? I am talking 20 to 30 seconds after clickiing on the newsgroups befoe getting header updates and about the same after clicking on the header before getting content. It was not always this bad

II am on a 2 Mbps link and expect better than this for my 66 squid a month.

I raised a ticket yesterday on the phone, but there seems to be no change.

Come on somebody, pull your finger out and get it fixed

Mike (maybe looking around for another ISP after all the recent troubles) :x
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High latency getting to newsgroups

The current platform ( and are currently only running on one server, and hence is performing quite slowly. This is due to a hardware error in the other server, which is not likely to be fixed due to the beta platform being rolled out soon. However. the beta platfrom also appears to be running quite slowly. Apparently this issue is being investigated by Ben (technican in charge). An announcement is likely to happen tomorrow.
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High latency getting to newsgroups

There appears to be problems with both the current and beta usenet servers going by all the comments in here, on usenet itself and ADSLguide.

I do know is only running with one reader server as the other has a hardware fault and is offline. Thi smay have been foxed but last I head nothing ws going to be done because Beta was going to replace it.

Beta is very sluggish and Josh I think is trying to find out why and colleting evidence for Ben.

Neither can be looked at until Ben is in tomorrow so we will all have to wait until he gives some feedback.

There are plans for Beta to go live next week but I have my doubts it will work if they do in it's current sick state.