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High Speed USB hub Requ'd


High Speed USB hub Requ'd

I recently connected a Minolta Dimage Scandual 3 Film Scanner to my PC and while it works well I get messages reminding me that it should be connected to a "High Speed USB Hub" and that it's speed would improve .
Can someone tell me exactly what I am needing here .
I am running Windows XP Home .
Stuart :lol:

High Speed USB hub Requ'd

Specs for your scanner

According to the specs, it uses USB2.

However, the good thing about USB2 devices, they usualy connect easily to USB 1.1 ports without issue, and is why your device work, but at the same time, why it moans.

USB is a much faster breed of USB, which will allow 480Mbit/s data, compared to the 11Mbit/s of USB 1.1.

Purchaing and useing a USB2 card will solve your issues all allow much faster operation, and for future expantion and support for new hardware.

Most (if not all) of your existing USB 1.1 devices will function in the new ports, however, you can allways keep these plugged into the old ports.

I recomend a USB2 card like the Adaptec Connect 3100LP 3 port (£41.12), D-link 4 port (£30.55), Belkin (£39.95), Trust 2 port (£14.10), Trust 5 port (£21.15).

The above are all links, all include VAT.

Apaptec are the best, but I would recomend the Belkin or D-link.

High Speed USB hub Requ'd

Hi Philip
Thx for the reply and the suggestions .Since then I have found that the mobo ( PCChips 810L) should support usb2.0 and that Win XP Service Pack 1 which I installed in November should have installed the drivers for USB 2.0 but it seems that it did not and that this is a known issue . It was suggested in a MS Win XP NG that I download the drivers from Win 2000 as the Win Xp ones are no longer available via SP 1 so i did that but that also made no difference I still get the message about a High Speed device being plugged in to a non high speed hub so I'll get one as u suggested and try that but I still dont understand why this should be necessary .Thx again