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Hi this may be covered elsewhere so apols if it is!


Hi this may be covered elsewhere so apols if it is!

Download speeds! ok I have been with +net for a month now and was on go-plus before where I was paying for an unlimited 1MB service and using certain download tools I was attaining download speeds around 100kb/s using the same such download P2P programs while on whether it be 2am or 10am I am only getting around 12-15kb/s with a 2mb service from here?

I have done a speed test which shows:-

PlusNet Speed Test

Your current speed is:

1.88 Mbps

Which means you can download at 240.05 KB/sec. from our servers.

53.3 kbps 56k Dial Up
64 kbps ISDN 1 Channel
128 kbps ISDN Dual Channel
460 kbps ADSL 500
920 kbps ADSL 1000
1840 kbps ADSL 2000
1920.4 kbps YOU

The following table shows the speeds you achieved from previous runs of the speed tester:

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
07-02-2006 14:55:05 1826.6

Right so why am I so restricted?? I only used shy of 4 GB this month so I was not over the useage limit!?

I am a total numpty and there is probably a very very simple answer and its just me being thick!!! So what is it LOL??


Hi this may be covered elsewhere so apols if it is!

Never mind saw a post further down! amazing how this company rely on the fact that which rates their speed as the best etc, yet once u actually have the product u are slammed if u want to back out, u find out that u cant do half what u did before on a lower mb package!?!?!??!!?

Oh well my fault for listening to my father in law, i suppose I am quite lucky as I am only on a monthly rolling contract!