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Help with noise on my line!


Help with noise on my line!

I've started to have a problem with speed and conection ove the past week or so.

I'm on max dsl and I've had a stable speed of around 5-6MB for months, but over the last week I've had my router sync at anything from 200k to 1000k, when before the problem it would always be 8000 plus.

gone though all the tests with plusnet and bt and they are now saying it is a noise problem at my end. what I want to know is what could it be? I have a master socket with a filter in, the phone is plugged into this. off the master socket is a extension (hard wired by BT) to the other socket with filter and router plugged in, no phone on this socket.

Monday and tuesday this week I was back sycning at 8000plus but today it has dropped again. The only odd thing that happens now that didn't before is when its sycning low speeds and I pick up the phone, the internet will go off??

anybody any ideas what to try?Huh
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Help with noise on my line!

unplug everything from the master socket, and then plug in a *normal* phone, dial 17070, select option 2 for quietline. If you hear any hissing, crackling, or popping during the test, call BT faults on 151, tell them what you did, and what you heared - they'll probably want to send an engineer out.

If the line is clean, try a new (and decent (not dirt cheap, but doesn't have to be particularly expensive) microfilter.
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Help with noise on my line!

In addition to the above. If you have a master socket that has the bottom half of the face plate removable (you can see the split across the front) then remove the screws and lift the front off.
You have now removed all extension wiring from the circuit and will then see another socket inside. If you connect to that one then there is nothing else in circuit apart from the BT line.
If you still have low speed or hear noise then its a line fault. If its clean then its an internal wiring fault.

Help with noise on my line!

thanks for the help guys.

I've a new style socket, house is only a few years old. But I've come home today and line is perfect speed again, so I'll leave it to see if it goes off again.

Is it worth buying a filter face plate for the master socket, instead of a add on filter?