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Help with new wireless access point...


Help with new wireless access point...

I have ordered a new wireless access point to plug into my wired router so that I can run Xbox live from the other side of my house and was wondering if this wireless access point would work with PlusNet?


The thing that worries me is I just read somewhere a customer reviewing the access point wrote

"Just make sure what protocul your broadband ISP uses. I am with BT Openworld and they use PPoA, which this unit does not support. The ADSL modem, which had to set to PPoA to work, would not talk to the Access point as it supported PPoE."

I was wondering if you could help me with this...

P.S Now Ebuyer is a UK website and from what I can gather PPPOA is used in the UK, this access point has recieved various good reviews and I don't understand the fact that it doesn't work on PPPOA.....

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Help with new wireless access point...

PPoA and PPoE are used on the physical ADSL line (your phone line) and has nothing to do with a WIreless Access point or how it communicates. I suspect the review you saw was for a router with a built in ADSL modem not an access point.

You just plug it into a spare Ethernet port on your router and away you go.

Note: there is a later model which you may need to consider: WEP11-UK.