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Help with my 2mb line


Help with my 2mb line

I need some help with a recent regrade.

I have been told by plus net that I have been regraded but my speeds have not improved. In fact the speeds have been erratic to say the least on the speedtester and I am recording speeds well below a 1mb connection.

The reason for this could potentially be my home wiring. Prior to yesterday I had to use extension cable to plug my modem into the master socket. However, I got an electrician to fit me an additional point. He did say that he changed the configuration in the master from loop to star (or the other way round not too sure) and I just wonder whether or not he has caused this problem or if its just an issue with the 2mb lines at this minute.

I previously had a wireless connection (but didnt like it) that ran off a separate extension from the master point and suffered no speed loss on my 1mb connection.

Can anyone offer me some advice? I will try and plug directly into the master socket later today but am rather confused and stumped at this minute..



Help with my 2mb line

I can only suggest you continue to try ther master socket.

Does your equipment report Attuationa dn SNR values?
if so, can you post them here, from both the master socket, and your normal setup.

Help with my 2mb line

How do I find these details?

I have a belkin wireless adsl modem (using wired though!)

Many thanks