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Help with WireSpeed™ ADSL NAT Router


Help with WireSpeed™ ADSL NAT Router

I have this router, is it possible to use this with with Plus net?
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RE: Help with WireSpeed™ ADSL NAT Router

Hi There,

Our DSL service is no different from that offered by other BT affiliated ISP's in terms of the hardware you can use on the service - That is because BT provide the local hardware which your connection terminates on.

If the router supports the following settings then you should be OK, but do ask in the hardware forum of if you are still unsure:

VPI = 0, VCI = 38

ADSL Modulation: Auto, then try G.DMT, then try ANSI T1.413
Encapsulation Mode: PPP over ATM (PPPoA - RFC2364) VC-MUX
Authentication: CHAP


Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support