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Help with ADSL routing


Help with ADSL routing

Hi all,

I've recently bought this ADSL line which is fantastic, but im having a few problems and i think they all relate to the same cause - but i dont know what it is.

The problem is, I cannot PING or tracert any IP addresses or Domains outside my own. I can open webpages though, run a http server and smtp server (Which work fine!). I cannot update my virus scanners on any PC, and MSN games do not work.

The details of my network are as follows....
Im using a router ( with 3 computers connected to it.
Its running PPPoA+NAT with no DHCP server. Its got a built in firewall but i cannot access it, i think it is all pre-defined. The router itself is unbranded so i cannot give you specific details of it.

The 3 PCs i have on the network, have static IP's set ( - and 3 DNS addresses assigned. 1st DNS is my router on, the 2nd and 3rd are the ones provided by ( and

Port forwarding is enabled for ports 80, 443, 21 and 25 which all point to my server (I use it as a web testing server).

Port triggering is enabled for all ports at the moment, because i've been experimenting.

NAT Virtual Server Mapping is not enabled (Should it be? If so what settings?)

I have the option of a static route but i don't know what to set it as. I need Network Address (IP), Subnet Mask and Gateway. Should i set it as the DNS address? And if so, what gateway and subnet? ARGH!

RIP is disabled at the moment. I think this is my problem. Should it be enabled? I have 2 options - LAN and ATM1 which i can configure both of. What should i set them to? The settings each require are...
RIP Mode, Version, Authentication Required, Poison reverse and Authentication Code.

Also, does anyone know where i can find RIP help?

Thanks to anyone for any assistance.


Help with ADSL routing


You need to create a firewall rule to apply stateful inspection to all outgoing traffic and another rule to allow incoming ICMP type 11 packets.


Help with ADSL routing

Hi Tim, thanks for your reply. I do not have access to the firewall on my router. It just says that it has a firewall, NAT and tcp/ip filtering (Sumot like that). Theres no option to enable or disable any firewall settings

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Help with ADSL routing

Hi Matt
Without a make and model its hard to tell how to config it!
if i was you, buy a ADSL Router (with modem), Then we can prob help you

Cheers chris - D2BNET

Help with ADSL routing

ive found it!
Its "aceex AR41"
its the Annex "A" - ADSL Over pots one.


Sounds like a netmask or gateway problem...

It sounds to me like your netmask or gateway settings are incorrect on your PCs.

On the PC with IP, make sure the netmask is set to, and the default gateway to, or whatever your router's IP is if that isn't it.

Hope this helps!

Help with ADSL routing

Hi Tan, it's currently set to that.