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Help! the contention status at my exchange is stuck on RED!


Help! the contention status at my exchange is stuck on RED!

For a very long time my exchange has had a 'RED' status where contention would be concerned.

Now personally I imagine a small control room buried deep under the ground at Martlesham Heath, where a collection of middle aged men wearing white coats are sat at their control panelsThere is a huge map of the UK displayed on a big screen on one wall....then a red light starts flashing and "ALERT Exchange capacity reached" is displayed on all the monitors.....Teams of engineers are despatched like a military task force. They repel from helicopters to the roof of the exchange with new ADSL hardware and get the new kit installed in no time at all, saving the world from the axis of evil.....that is a slow ADSL line.

But then I know I live in a dream world....

My Exchange has been red for ages, and I am getting really poor ADSL speeds most of the time....oh and its not a small exchange in the middle of the countryside....its the ENACC exchange serving all of Norwich!

Any suggestions on how I can get BT to improve the situation?

The best I have come up with so far is trying to convince the rest of the population of norwich to ditch broadband and return to dial up....leaving all that bandwith to me!
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Help! the contention status at my exchange is stuck on RED!

That info is almost 3 months old (last updated 16th Aug) so I suspect no updates have been supplied or BT have not given an update for the exchange to the website owners.

The usertools exchange checker here was last updated 20th Nov and shows it as green.

In any case there is nothing you or PlusNet can do to get exchanges upgraded any quicker, it is totally in the hands on BT to decide the priority.

Help! the contention status at my exchange is stuck on RED!

Well thats intersting....

the "Broadband Fault Checker" also says:

Your local exchange is currently heavily contended
Close Fault Checker

Exchange contention status: Red

The local telephone exchange, from where your broadband service is provided is currently experiencing very high levels of contention, with many broadband users. As a result of this, you may experience slower connection speeds during busy periods.

Please note that BT regularly upgrade the capacity of their telephone exchanges. We will monitor the BTs engineering schedules, please check back on a weekly basis for further updates.

More information about broadband contention – Contention Guide

So might that be using old data as well?

But if there is nothing that can be done, there is not much point worrying about it Sad