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Help problem connecting: DLink 504 'LCP No Response'


Help problem connecting: DLink 504 'LCP No Response'

Cant connect to plusnet. Dlink Connection status field says "LCP No Response"

I have started to have trouble connecting to plusnet using my DLINK 504 router (model version B1). The hardware has been working flawlessly out of the box since last November. I have not flashed the firmware from the version that came installed on the router.

Starting Friday night, I could not connect, I ended up performing a power cycle of the router, thereafter connected.

Today, hard power reset is not even working. I repeatedly get LCP No Response.

Anyone else started getting this or experienced this hang up situation.


RE: Help problem connecting: DLink 504 'LCP No Response'

Hi there,

I can see no problem on your account that could be causing this, and we have had no general problems on Friday or since then.
However, if you continue to have this problem, please run through the Contact Us troubleshooter and we will investigate this for you.


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