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Help on the absolute basics.


Help on the absolute basics.

I have looked up many sites that are supposed to explain broadband but I am still having difficulty in understanding the concept of broadband being connected all the time as compared to the Pay As You Go dial-up service.
If my computer and router are switched on, am I still connected to the internet via broadband even though the browser is off? If this is the case does it make any difference if the browser is on all the time if it is not actually being used for downloading or uploading anything?
As I am only paying for the amount of data that I transfer when browsing, should I just leave the router on all the time or are there advantages in switching it off when I am not browsing the internet? Would the router have a shorter life by switching it on and off all the time? Is it OK to switch it on/off whilst the computer is on?
When using Dial-up I used to download pages and read them offline where possible to save on telephone charges. With broadband does it make any difference if I access a page and take hours to read it, whilst still on-line? Should I just forget about reading off-line as it is not necessary anymore?
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Help on the absolute basics.

I am not sure if you have read it but is a very good site explaining about ADSL.

Think of ADSL this way, you do not pay for how long you are on-line. So you can leave your router connected and switched on all the time.

But you pay for the data you transfer, so there is no need to keep connecting and disconnecting.

Also in terms of the data that you will use for basic web surfing and e-mail, is very small compared to even the small allowance on BBYW option 1. Which is 1G per month, you will only get to those levels by surfing picture/video sites. Or downloading files.

As for leaving your router on, the life of the router will not vary much left on or switched off, but it does use electricity, and that is very minimal. But always switch on before your computer and only switch off once you have switched your computer off.


Help on the absolute basics.

Hello williams62.

As long as your router is turned on then it is connected to the internet, you don't even need to have the computer turned on. If you leave a browser open whilst reading a page it will not use any more bandwith, unless there are adverts or something that keep changing on the page and need to be downloaded every so often.
You should leave your router on except for when you go on holiday etc. It is probably better to leave the router on all the time than to switch it on and off all the time, as doing so causes fatigue from the heating up cooling down of the router (same applies to the computer)

In a nutshell, don't worry about reading pages offline etc or turning your router off.

Hope this helps Smiley

You've probably been told this before but firefox is the best browser, if you are not using it already you can get it free from

Thanks from williams62

Thanks for the quick replies. They were very helpful