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Help - moving from dial-up to broadband - advice needed!


Help - moving from dial-up to broadband - advice needed!

Dear all,
Apologies if these queries are really simple! Shockedops:
We are looking to go for the combined phone and broadband plus package. However, at this point of time we only have one telephone point downstairs, that already has a 2 socket plug in for the telephone and the Sky. At the moment I have an extension cable trailing upstairs for the dialup...

My questions are:
1) Would I need a socket upstairs? If so, how do I go about it? How expensive could this be to get fitted?
2) If I don't need a socket downstairs is it possible to get a microfilter with 3 sockets in to go downstairs?
3) If I need a socket fitted, is this something Plusnet could help with?

I'm sure there will be more soon!
Thanks Smiley

Help - moving from dial-up to broadband - advice needed!

Depends on what you choose to use to access the internet. Generally speaking you want to avoid adding internal wiring to your house if possible, as this increases noise on the line and decreases the speed you can receive.
I am assuming from your post that the computer(s) you wish to use broadband on are upstairs. That being the case you have three options-
1. Buy a USB modem from PN when you upgrade to Broadband (not recommended). This has to be next to the computer you want to connect, and can only allow one computer to use the internet at any given time (although it is possible to share a internet connection between two networked computers that are both switched on). In order to bridge the gap between the modem and your telephone socket you'll need to buy something like the Broadband Modem Extension Cable A53BB and run it through your house. This will mean a loss of speed.
2. Buy a wired modem/router from PN, PC World or Locate this next to the telephone point and run a long patch cable (A84CF) through your house to the network port on your computer. As well as providing a hardware firewall, which will dramatically improve your computer's security from attack, this will not lead to a drop in speed and will allow you to connect more than one computer to the internet simultaniously. See here for a highly recommended router.
3. Buy a wireless modem/router from PN, PC World or Locate this next to the telephone point and connect wirelessly to your computers. This will mean you do not need to run any cables through your house, but may mean you need to buy adaptors for your computers, depending on the hardware you are using. This solution will also not degrade your broadband speed, will provide you with a firewall and will allow a number of computers to connect to the internet simultaniously. See here for a highly recommended wireless router that also comes with a USB adaptor if your computer isn't already wireless enabled.

Lastly, with reference to the three socket Microfilter, I did spot A25FU on the Maplin website that looks like it'll do what you need. No doubt someone who's a bit more knowledgable about this area will be able to recommended a cheaper product.
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Help - moving from dial-up to broadband - advice needed!

Firstly, don't even think about Broadband Plus. If you have a look through these forums, you will find nothing but complaints concerning this 'product'. Start of with PAYG, which is the same basic cost, but is a higher rated 'product', although this is not made clear in the adverts.

Secondly, buy one of THESE if you have an NTE-5 faceplate. It sounds like you do not have hardwired extensions, so this is even more useful as you will have no wiring to contend with. No extra filters are required. Best results are obtained sighting the router as close to the mastersocket as possible.

Thirdly, even though they are more expensive to start with, a wireless router is the best way to go, unless you have the type of house where wiring is easy to conceal. There are many deals where a wireless adapter is included free with the router, although you must hardwire at least one PC to the router to set it up.

I am sure you will receive many more suggestions, although, given the state of the forum at the moment, many will be negative.
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Help - moving from dial-up to broadband - advice needed!

Don't go with PlusNet for the broadband - It's awful. Trust me, go to an independant site for broadband reviews and find yourself a decent BB supplier. PN are almost dead in the water.

Most of us that are still here are simply unable to move for financial reasons and thus are stuck with this pitiful ISP.

Go somewhere else - Stay away from PN and save your soul!!!
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