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Help bridging WiFi to ADSL LAN


Help bridging WiFi to ADSL LAN

I have just installed ADSL using the Voyager 205 Ethernet router. This connects through the local LAN to a Windows XP Pro system. This all works fine.

The XP PC also has a secondary WiFi network, with a remotely connected DLink access point. Currently this is the WiFi DHCP server. This is physically remote from the XP PC, and cannot be connected through a LAN Cable. The PC has an internal WiFi card.

The question is what is the best way of configuring the two networks to provide seamless internet access from PCs both on the LAN and the WiFi network?

I can see three immediate possibilities. I could bridge the LAN and WiFi interfaces in the PC. I am unsure then who would then need to be the DHCP Server (could the Voyager serve DHCP through the bridge? Would it be better for the PC to serve all addresses?).

I could keep the two networks apart, and use the XP PC as a router. As first look, this seems simpler, but I am unsure how to propogate the DNS address through the router.

I think XP ICS is intended to do this, but I am unsure as to how everything would need to be address to make it work.

Any straightforward architecture descriptions would be appreciated, there must be loads of similar systems out there already.

Thanks in advance.