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Help being bombarded !!!!!!!


Help being bombarded !!!!!!!

i ahve hundreads and hundreas of connections relating to epmap? what is this they all range from ip range 81.174.*.*

what are these connections they are bogging my connection down !!!

somone please help

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Help being bombarded !!!!!!!

You may have a variant of the MSblast virus or some program using rpc within windows. Go to the symantec site and run their msblast fix and update your operating system, thats half the battle. Hope this helps.

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Help being bombarded !!!!!!!

This tip may help people keep their Windows PCs a little more secure on the Internet.

In the Connection Properties dialog of your Internet connection you will see something like this;
Client for Microsoft Networks
File and printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)

Uncheck the Client and sharing options so it looks like this
[ ]Client for Microsoft Networks
[ ]File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks
Internet protocol (TCP/IP)

For an ICS gateway you disable the services on the Internet facing interface (USB modem / PCI modem / serial modem etc).

If your system is not connected to a LAN you can even uninstall the Client and Sharing services. An Internet connection needs the TCP/IP protocol and nothing else.

It is also worth trying to disable the Netbios over TCP/IP option (advanced TCP/IP properties\Wins) Many small networks do not need NetBIOS. If you can get by without it you will be a great deal more secure.