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Help!!!....Which type of driver?


Help!!!....Which type of driver?

Just got broadband and i am installing my adsl D-link modem and it is asking me what type of driver to install.......WAN,LAN OR ATM........which type do i use for my new installation.

D-LINK modem driver replying Ivan


I'm connected at 2MB's ADSL using a D-Link DSL 200 ADSL USB Modem, its definately the WAN driver you require.

ATM is the mode of the network over which the connection travels (BT's ATM network)

**PPPoA (point to point protocol over ATM) or RFC 2364 PPPoATM NULL Encapsualtion.
**Mode = G.DMT or Mutimode (either are fine)
**VPI= 0 (zero)
**Protocol=TCP/IP (fixed or dynamic)
**If the driver installation process flags up or comes up with an error saying this windows driver hasnt been digitaly signed by MS dont worry just igore this message its fine and WONT cause any problems. Mines worked fine ever since installation.

Hope that helps?
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