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Help Needed.


Help Needed.

OK this is not a problem with a plus net ADSL line. Its just I though who better to ask than PlusNet Users!

My company has a branch office in Dublin with an ADSL connection. They recently had a speed upgrade to 3Mb (unknown to them), and since then they have been having problems.

They VPN to our network over here and the sessions keep dropping, thats the VPN sessions not the connection.

Here are the stats from the modem/router (3Com PPPoA connection – remember this!):

Line Status – SHOWTIME
Link Type - interleaved Path

Upstream – 256 (Kbps)
Down Stream – 2944 (Kbps)

Noise Margin - Upstream 21 dB – Down Stream 6 dB
Attenuation – Upstream 56 dB – Down Stream 46Db

Interleaved Path FEC Correction – (Near End) 0 – (Far End) 660058533
Interleaved path CRC Error – (Near End) 4 – (Far End) 267

OK now the fun stuff, I emailed the ISP saying that I thought the line was not up to the recent speed upgrade and can they check it and bring it back the previous speed.

Reply: They have found only 6 connection drops on the PPPoE line for May which is normal.

After I point out that the line is PPPoA

Reply: All <ISP name withheld> broadband lines are PPPoE it’s a problem with our software.

Right…The clients machines are windows 2000 using the Microsoft VPN dial up to a Microsoft 2000 VPN server. We have on average 20 people dialled in all day and we are only getting problems from this branch.

Just so I know I am not going mad can some take a look at the figures and tell me if I am right in thinking it is down to line quality.

Thanks In Advance

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Help Needed.

That downstream attenuation figure of 46db wouldn't even get 2Mb here in the UK. Is suspect this is why you are getting drop-outs.