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Help I am confused with upgrades


Help I am confused with upgrades

Aprreciate it if somebody could advise. My current package is a 1 meg premier I pay £29.99 per month. I see a lot of talk about users getting upgrades and advised to make sure they are on the lower tariff. I look at plusnet products and they seem to be offering the sort of service I get for £21.99. So I am confused I am a plus net customer of several years (previously was with force 9) and appears I am being charged more. Is this right can I get upgrade? Wanted to ask here before I raise a ticket. Any advice most welcome.
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Help I am confused with upgrades

O.k. £29.99 so you are on premier up to 4MB.

This means that you will get up to 2MB until such time as 4MB becomes available when you will be at the front of the queue for 4MB, there is no gaurantee that your line will support 4MB or date for it's availability.

Therefore it is advisable to change your package to £21.99 up to 2MB and then when 4MB becomes available if you so desire upgrade again thus saving £8 per month until 4MB is available.

There are 2 ways to get an speed upgrade:

1) Sit and wait for BT to complete the free upgrade.
2) Pay £14.99 to skip the queue and you will be upgraded within 7-10 days I think but don't quote me on that.

The upgrade will be up to 2MB if your line can support it if not the fastest your line can support.

Hope This Helps Wink

Help I am confused with upgrades

Thanks for your reply. Chosing an internet connection is almost as bad a chosing a mobile phone package. Never simple ehh Sad
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Help I am confused with upgrades

hehe cant win, not enough choice and we moan, to much choice and we scratch our heads.

I would ask this, who really needs 4mb or 8mb connection, I would get what suites your usage best.

I am 4mb prem customer, I simply went for this because I like playing games, unfortunaly my wife likes to surf at the same time, at the moment we get QOS 1mb each because we are on 2mb until the upgrade. Now add my web, email and FTP server along with my Media PC and the bandwidth requirements soon goes up.

If you only have 1 computer and just like surfing the web i would personally say 2mb would more than surfice.

Help I am confused with upgrades

fir3storm well you gave good advice I have now signed up to 2 meg and regrade took just 24 hours. Now romping along until i get bored with 2 meg and need that extra speed boost.