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Help BT Voyager 205 Router


Help BT Voyager 205 Router

Ok so i recently got a BT Voyager 205 Router, and am wanting to use it via the ethernet port to access the web. But i dont know how. I've been using a BT Voyager 105 for ages etc, but been told that switching to ethernet should save the cuttoff problems etc. And the BT Voyager 205 means i can configure a harware firewall.

Anyother ethernet modem/router i've set up it's just been a case of entering the ip of the router and configuring and thats just about it. But conecting it to the comp and entering the ip here doesnt seem to help.. And yes unistalled all other modem drivers etc. As through ethernet i shouldnt need a modem driver.

Ideally i want to run the internet on an old P3 which the BT Voager 105 driver doesnt support. But want to get it working in Win XP first before i go and buy a NIC card for the old P3.

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Help BT Voyager 205 Router

What you are saying should work.

When you plug in via Ethernet, does it assign you the IPs etc...? The "Default Gateway" address will be the router IP Address (usually

This setup guide might help you :

But aside from that there isn't a lot more I can suggest unfortunately.

Help BT Voyager 205 Router

Yup thats what i thought, i'll try resetting the modem by using the switch at the back when its on, and see if that helps. Thanks for the guide page, shows me i'm not mad! Smiley