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Help - 2mb line


Help - 2mb line

Dear all,

I have been suffering with probs on my 2mb line for the past week (have logged calls etc).

The problem first arose last Thursday when BT performed routine maintenance at my local exchange. An upgrade of sorts I have been told..

Well, my router was disconnected and I couldn’t reconnect until the next evening even though I have been told that the line would have been down for a maximum of four minutes!

When I eventually reconnected I noticed that my usual fast speeds (~1.85-1.9 Mbps) seemed to be substantially reduced and speedtests on both Adslguide and PN proved my suspicions. Results were in the range of 1.3-1.5 Mbps.

This problem has still not been resolved, much to my frustration. I have even changed routers in the belief that my hardware could have caused the speed reduction.

Occasionally speeds are normal, but more often than not the speed is significantly reduced. One other thing I should point out is that if my router ADSL light continually blinks during a speed test then it will be around the 1.85 mark. It is reduced when there is a ‘pause’ in the data transmission. Ie for a second or so it seems that there is no data throughput whatsoever.

Is anyone able to shed light on this? BT, surprise surprise, say there is no fault on the line…

Your help is much appreciated,


PS. I have rebooted router, flashed latest firmware etc. I have Netgear DG834.

Help - 2mb line

First question I guess have you tweaked your MTU or anything like that?

On the whole it sounds like a problem at your exchange, have you checked out whether BT plan any more work at your exchange?

Secondly have you raised a ticket with PN to advise them of this issue? As if BT have in some way damaged your connection, it will be PN that will have to advise BT of this issue.

A line fault check, will normally only check your voice line, and that may be working correctly, however when the line is split at the exchange for your BB connection is where the issue may lie.

Help - 2mb line

Hiya - well I have changed the MTU to 1478 from 1458 on the new router, but when I was using the standard 1454 MTU on my old router I had the same problem.

How do I find out if BT are planning work at the exchange? They called me last night to talk through some additional tests they were running and they all came back clear...

Certainly have raised ticket upon ticket! But as you say the fault only check the voice element..

I have also noticed that the noise margin stats in my new router fluctuate whereas on the old router they remained constant.

When the router is rebooted it shows a downstream SNR of ~26db, but this can drop to ~15db. If I reboot the router when it's at say 15db it will immediately jump back up to 26db. Weird.

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Update from PN

Assigned : Dear Mr
BT advise they have completed further testing of your line and they are unable to identify any fault. Please note that you have subscribed to a contended service and therefore you will not always receive full download speeds. The speedtest results you have given are well within what ourselves and BT would consider normal levels and not indicative of a fault.

I have just received the above from PN.

Can any other 2mb users tell me if they would be happy with the above statement? I had a perfect service up to last week.

I have already responded to their note as I am not happy!

Help - 2mb line

If you check out the user tools at the bottom of my sig, this will provide a link to check your exchange.

But note, it's a database which is updated, so it's accurate but it's not real time information.

When you perform a PN speed test, speed does it return?

Help - 2mb line

im not happy aswell/ running a ticket over the last month because of my speeds /im 2 mb lite[bt been out line ok,pc enigineer out pc running still like new,all virus updates ok,adaware updated ect]take a look at some good speeds which +net think acceptable/ 05-02-2005 19:34:44 868.1
05-02-2005 19:28:50 809.4
05-02-2005 19:28:32 887.2
05-02-2005 19:28:14 906
05-02-2005 19:17:21 526.1
05-02-2005 19:16:12 748.2 Check these good speeds for 2mb service/why am i paying you for this service? THEN THEY SAY[LAST POST/TODAY] BT have now come back to us stating this is indeed likely a contention issue. Therefore it's up to you what you wish to do with your connection, for example you can upgrade to one of our products with 20:1 contention?.tHATS A LOT OF HELP TO ME /just paid £30 to upgrade this month from 512 easystart -2mb lite?.Come on +net get yir finger out and get something done[or i can asure you i wont be here much longer]