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Headless chickens


Headless chickens

And I thought it was only me having problems with my speeds.Could I have been more wrong.Well I'm fed up with Plusnet saying its not their fault and it must be BT's fault and BT saying its not thier fault it must be my fault or Plusnets fault.I'm a great believer in the power of numbers and wonder if there would be anyone else out there who would like someone of an independant nature to investigate this situation for us.I've just emailed BBC Watchdog and asked them to investigate the predicament that a lot of us find ourselves in.PLEASE PLEASE email watchdog and I'm sure if enough of us do they may well investigate for us.The good thing about this is that if Plusnet are sure that our problems are not caused by them but BT and if BT reckon its Plusnet niether one should mind the situation being investigated.This is a copy of the email I've just sent(Please can you get involved,I've just discovered there are 1000's of people in this country that have been promised "up to" 8meg download speeds by various internet providers not just the one I'm with.If I'm lucky and the wind is in the right dirrection in the early hours of the morning I might get 3megs but most of the time its under 300kbps.I know there is nothing wrong with my PC I've checked my line on numerous occasions and it says it is quite capable of 8meg speeds.My provider says its BT my PC guru,the guy who helps me when I get problems, says it's more likely to be Plusnet.His server provider gives him a constant 10meg because he is fortunate to be in area where he's able to get cable,which I'm not.Why should all these companies offer these speeds and then get away with taking our money but then not giving us what we have paid for.There are thousands of us out there just put a search in for Broadband speeds and see how many forums are saying the same thing.I believe in France they have had a system that gives a constant 14meg speed and we are lucky to get 1meg. Could you please investigate it would really be appreciated.)

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Headless chickens

great idea, have done so... Evil

Headless chickens

Its all in the wording UP TO 8 meg I know advertising watch dogs have complained about this and free for life advert by Talk Talk.

The question is how do you advertise it? Some people do connect at 8 meg while most people only reach 4+ meg. The basic problem is A broadband is fairly new and people are still learning. 4 years ago we were all using 56k modems and if you were told then you would get 4 meg for the same price you would be amazed.

B The basic BT network is designed for broadband so some older exchanges lines etc cant cope. No could see that the internet would take off the way it has so the whole internet is a mess if you increase the efficiency of IP you could double all the speeds today

Its all down to pot luck as to were you live and how far you are from the exchange. Given time things will improve there is no way around it changing ISp doesnt do much for you unless you can get cable as everyone is using the same wires

Headless chickens

Given time things will improve....LMAO
Things have been getting worse and worse, used to get good speds then its all been going down hill, PN's broadband phone service is a waste of time and now i can hardly use vonage as the line goes so sodding slow!
just take a look.....
03-01-2007 07:51:38 137.3
02-01-2007 21:00:38 1831.5
02-01-2007 20:27:25 1321.8
01-01-2007 10:26:57 4745.7
01-01-2007 10:26:06 1001.2
28-12-2006 00:01:23 5514
28-12-2006 00:00:31 575.5

8 Mgs Ha, ha, ha

My nearest exchange is 3 miles away. But the best my BT line will support is 1Mg. I live in Cumbria - but not in the hills. :twisted:
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Headless chickens

I have just come out of the other end of a hellish 3 days. My speeds randomly dropped to 36kbps (yes, you read that right). After 3 days and a ticket with PN (who were very good to be fair) all is well. Now solid as a rock at 5.6Mbps.

Headless chickens

Its all in the wording UP TO 8 meg I know advertising watch dogs have complained about this and free for life advert by Talk Talk.

The question is how do you advertise it? Some people do connect at 8 meg

Do they?

When I was on a 2meg fixed rate connection I remember that the sync was 2000k and I got speedtests of around 2megs so there the sync rating appeared to mean something.

Now I have a sync rate of 8192kbps, but the BRAS profile never gets to 8M, the highest profile appears to be 7150k?

Now IMO the backhaul appears unable to deliver more than 2/3 of the BRAS speed. Ever.

"Up to 4.5M Broadband" doesn't sound so good but at least it would be attainable. Otherwise Plusnet could just as legally advertise "Up to 1G Broadband" on the basis that if any customers happened to have fiber-to-home they might see speeds that high.