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Have I been scammed/stupid this long ?


Have I been scammed/stupid this long ?

Until recently I had a Homeworker account for many years, until it was changed to:

"PlusNet TeleWorker Premier - Up to 2Mb"

This morning I had some free time, and whilst getting impatient with BT to do the changes to my line, I discovered some rather disturbing things. According to PN sign up site my account (as above) should have:

"2Mb broadband as standard"

"Speed Up to 2Mb £21.27"

It then struck me, why am I paying more money for what seem to be the exact account described on thier site that not only should be 4x faster, but also cheaper base price ? Have i been just been stupid these past few weeks not to realise this sooner ? Or am I just misunderstanding things here.

I made a ticket outlining some facts and am awaiting a response, just wondered what other people think and wanted to make people aware who may be in the same spot.
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Have I been scammed/stupid this long ?

I would think it made sense to downgrade it will work out cheaper in the long run I think the fee is £15 to downgrade but I might be wrong.

£29 and £39 accounts let you download more, but again on the £21.99 account there is no 'hard caps' or whatever people want to call them.