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Hardware configuration - thought I'd pass it on

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Registered: 01-08-2007

Hardware configuration - thought I'd pass it on

Hi all, having done some research on our 2M connection I thought I would pass the experience on in case any of you have a similar problem that you need to solve.

Problem: 2 teenage sons who are connected via our DSL504 modem/router and who are keen on downloading what I will euphemistically call 'knitting patterns'

Result: Hassle since they sem to do it when I am VPNing into work, or my wife is doing her genealogy research etc. - you get the picture: I could scream "who pays for this ***** link", but thought I would see if technology could help a bit here.

So have done some work and found the Linksys BEFSR81 router which has some Quality of Service features. These allow me to do whatever i want with a priority over whatever my son's are downloading.

Go the box, plugged it in, used the auto config utility supplied with the router, played with the QoS tab and all is well

It means that we have two firewalls in series (the Dlink and the Linksys) but whats the problem, it hasn't affected ping times or speed so far.

Cheers, Mike