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Half Speed


Half Speed

I have done a few speed checks recently and every time its coming out about half speed.I have had 2MB for a little while and has been fine until now.

Just browsing webpages takes so long feels like im back on 56kb connection.. Sad

last time i had this problem it was down to service pack 2 not liking my modem.sorted that out awhile ago now ...any ideas to what is causing it to be so slow would be great Cool
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Half Speed

Have you tried running the BT Speedtester?

Half Speed

yup noticed it today too, not getting 2mb speeds anymore, more like 1mb.

Half Speed

a few results from today

08-05-2005 21:37:20 1338.4
08-05-2005 21:36:56 985.4
08-05-2005 21:33:25 1086.3
08-05-2005 17:32:29 1084.9

been like that for a few days used to hit around 1600-1800 sometimes more..

how do i do a bt speed test.i done the bt post code and phone number check that comes out ok is that the same thing :?

i said before it felt like 56kb seems more like 28kb took more than a min to load some of the plusnet pages

Half Speed

Hi there,

Have a look here. That should get you started.

Hope you get it sorted.

Half Speed

Yes only half speed here this evening on 2Mb BB+. Slowest ever since joining 9 months ago.
ADSLGuide and PlusNet tests about the same. Downloading a 11Mb test file from my PlusNet web space (113Kb/Sec) and from webspace on Advance Internet (121Kb/Sec). Always normally get between 230 and 236.

Half Speed

thanks for that Cheesy

what does this show, sorry im really ill at the moment will be laughing at myself in a couple of days when im better Sad

The speed test has completed on test server for user tillbgoode and you have downloaded a 1.7Mb file at a speed of

1099 kilo bits per second (Kbps), your service bandwidth will have been quoted to you in kilo bits per second.

BT would regard the speed ranges shown below as normal service:

For 250kbps End Users speeds between 50 - 250kbps.
For 500kbps End Users speeds between 100 - 500kbps.
For 1000kbps End Users speeds between 200 - 1000kbps.
For 2000kbps End Users speeds between 400 - 2000kbps.

thanks ffor everyones help most appreciated..gonna goto bed and not get up i think

Half Speed

mines been like it for a lil while now few days.....thought it would have gone back to what it was before by now Sad

i can only wait i suppose when im better maybe it will be back to its old self Cool

Half Speed

im in the same boat Sad

will try get a whoosh test thingymagic

Half Speed

It appears to be going back to how it was now.speed test came out 1600 and 1700 this morning Cheesy

Fingers crossed and it will stay up rather than down Cool

Half Speed

Same here, did the tests this morning, bt, plusnet and adslguide, 1800 across the board, so it cant be a problem with micro filters or extension cable, most likely due to traffic and problems at bts end.

Half Speed

Glad to say that everything this evening seems back to normal on our 2Mb connection..

Downstream 1868 Kbps (233.5 KB/sec) 2017 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 244 Kbps (30.5 KB/sec) 263 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Half Speed

I usually get around 1800 every time I speed test but this evening I have been getting extremely low speeds (ranging from 800 to 1000). I can't seem to get the BT speedtester to work but do you think that it will sort itself out overnight? Or is this something to do with the new contention ratio? I have only downloaded just over 2GB this month ( since April 22nd)


Speeds have just shot back up:

09-05-2005 23:16:21 1906.7
09-05-2005 23:15:47 1630.7
09-05-2005 23:15:00 1946.3
09-05-2005 23:14:44 1855.3

Downstream 1881 Kbps (235.1 KB/sec) 2031 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 235 Kbps (29.4 KB/sec) 253 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Any idea what would cause this?

Half Speed

Done sone speed tests today not as bad as it was but still not happy.I've tried the tests at different times of day but still the same Sad

11-05-2005 18:22:43 1304.7
11-05-2005 18:22:23 1398.8
11-05-2005 18:22:08 1679.1
11-05-2005 18:21:49 1449.3
11-05-2005 18:21:32 1442.4

was hoping it would be a problem lasting just a couple of days but its been over a week now Sad oh well on with life Cool

Half Speed

My speeds seem to vary a lot...this evening I got:

11-05-2005 21:21:22 1934.9
11-05-2005 21:21:05 1719.7
11-05-2005 21:19:39 1924.6
11-05-2005 21:19:16 1920
11-05-2005 21:18:51 1802
11-05-2005 21:18:27 1927.8
11-05-2005 21:18:01 1655.6
11-05-2005 21:17:32 1918.4

I think that some of the results I have above are quite good but is it usual for speeds to be more "eratic" in the evenings?